The Smart
Case Automation
Building Platform

Supercharge your case resolution making it faster, cheaper and more customer centric.

Adds an automated business logic layer over traditional case resolution and connects to your existing systems via APIs.

100% customizable, no need to add and maintain expensive code, your team will love to build with a low code environment

Easy to set up

  1. Create a “Case Model”  (define workflows, triggers, integrations, etc)
  2. Activate the Case Model  (set it to work for you)
  3. Monitor how your cases are advancing and being solved
  4. Instruct your team to respond when system requires intervention or information to solve a case

Some examples of Hound solutions working for you:

Compliance Resolution

  • Reduce non-value work and free your team to do what they do best!
  • Never miss compliance requirements and deadlines
  • Let Hound be always on top on what needs to happen and when to always be in compliance.

Omni Channel Customer Journey Tracker

  • Treat every customer as a VIP through highly customized automated engagements.
  • Convey all your communications from chatbots, web requests and others and orchestrate them into a solution case that advances automatically across all channels
  • Analyze the type of customer and situation individually to answer accordingly in the smartest possible way.

Customer & Employee On-boarding

  • Personalize and automate your on-boarding processes at scale
  • Allow the onboarding process to be human-like, almost transparent to customers,  yet efficient and well controlled.
  • Lower the risk and improve efficiency by integrating other systems like e-signature / identity validation,  fraud prediction, etc.

Super Charge your Collections Process

  • Bring the power of automation to your collections process and greatly reduce your operational costs.
  • Handle your customers individually,  manage their delinquency process with the best possible approach.



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