A large bank client needed to optimize their fraud resolution process. The client was sending potential fraud transactions to the call center. But, to reduce call center costs, the bank didn’t call customers for fraudulent transactions under $40.

Customers let unknown call center calls go to voicemail, and service agents spent extra time clicking through Salesforce as thieves continued defrauding the customers and the bank.

With Fraud 360™, the bank can stop millions of smaller fraud transactions that were previously too costly to send to the call center. Customers are immediately notified of potential fraud and quickly respond through any channel.

The card is instantly stopped, along with the thief, additional fraud loss, and customer complaints.


A community bank needed to optimize their FFIEC ITT compliance process. They used a paper-based approval process that made it easy to miss documentation of compliance steps. At the end of each sprint, the development team compared the old system to the new, and manually document what had changed. 

With Compliance 360, the bank records and reports SDLC compliance by sending an email or clicking an approval button within the email. Each approval/rejection is recorded for easy tracking and real-time reporting with internal and external auditors. And because it’s code free and cloud based, the solution is up and running in less than an hour. 


A client needed to optimize their collections process to increase revenue and cash flow.

With Collections 360 the client was able to take actions on delinquency indicators, make over 174,000 calls, increase collections by 11% or $56M, and exceed the goal of keeping delinquency to under 1%.

Intelligent Interaction

The system listens and responds using virtually any software such as email, social media, chat, phone, and through any application with an API or webhook. It can then decide how to best respond by using information from other applications, following workflows, or using artificial intelligence.

When responding back with results and next steps, it can update other people, applications, systems, or databases.


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