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Improved Business is as Easy as 1-2-3

Hound software offers a simple, three-part solution to gathering and interpreting all your business data with automated smart workflows to execute your processes so that you can reap the benefits with ease.

Hound software helps with:

Customer Retention — Spot trends associated with customers who abandon business relationships early so that you can intervene and reduce churn or attrition.

Revenue Management — Identify the behavior patterns of customers as they owe payment to your business. This enables you to use the words and channels that are most effective for eliciting a positive response.

Up-selling — Detect positive patterns and trends in groups of current customers that lead to up-selling in order to reinforce these trends.


This powerfully dynamic and fully customizable tool works to gather information from all of your existing data sources and platforms. Data can be scheduled to be collected by calendar dates or specific events, based upon your preferences. The 24/7/365 fault-proven system can interact with other services on and offline, all while matching input data and executing processes.


Hound integrates with cutting edge data analytics and machine learning tools in order to learn more about customer behaviors and make accurate predictions about future actions so that you can make better, smarter, faster decisions that improve your business model.


Create multiple stage processes and complete intelligent workflows on the fly with the robust Hound engine. The engine can integrate with multiple communications systems, allowing for several different channels of communication to be used natively. Follow-up and follow-through have never been easier.