Automated Management of Critical Situations

Realtime and accurate on a massive scale with hight visibility and control to reduce process time, operational risk and cut costs


Our A.I enforced automation engine collects and processes information from multiple data sources to predict situations and act accordingly.

It is based on IPA (Intelligent Process Automation)

Hound delivers a path to execution with real-time information

About Hound

How it works


Hound talks to systems and people

Hound talks to other systems via APIs and to humans via channels humans are used to.

Hound monitors and keeps an eye

Keeps track of critical situations on a massive scale.
i.e. determine safe and high risk areas in a public health crisis to alert promptly

Easy to configure

Hound allows to design a solution in a sistematic/smart workflow/flowchart.

Code-Less: No need to write code to have a working solution

Hound Learns and evaluates

Data aware, can collect information from many sources and from it's own executions to learn patterns of multiple types and be smarter on execution.

Smart System for Smart Companies

Code-Less platform

Quick to implement and configure. No developers needed. Our node-based graphical interface is intuitive and user friendly

Highly Compatible

HOund can be easily inegrated with popular applications people and companies user daily, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, Jira;Twitter, Salesforce, Zendesk

Reduce Costs

IPA system reduces time, operational risks and costs. Minimize risk at a large scale

Highly Configurable

Workflow / actions is smartly tailored to users' need. Every person and each situation is different.

Real Time

Hound can interact in real-time with systems and humans.


Hound was designed to have corporate-grade scalability. Corporations and institutions can use it to manage all kind of critital situations, from regulations management to pandemic.

Smart Flow example

Other Usages

Regulatory Compliance

Supervision of compliance in real time provides not only the visibility of operational risk but also provides an automated execution paths to prevent risky situations from happening

Loan Onboarding / Origination

Fraud Resolution

85% of suspected fraud are false positive alerts.
Hound provides an automated process to validate all alerts in a massive scale passing to humans the real required ones.

Minimizes time and risk, apart from 80% of operational costs.

Critical situations

Automated Resolution

Most critical situations have in comon the factor of having to execute a resolution as quick as possible and without errors.

This is usually done manually which represents a huge operational cost

Public Health example

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