An intelligent layer that orchestrates your systems

Hound orchestrates your systems, processes, users and customers to have them working together towards a goal, without replacing any of your existing systems

What is Hound

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Hound is an intelligent layer that connects otherwise disconnected systems.

Hound was created to orchestrate the execution of processes across an organization along an intelligent workflow. 

It connects systems and users to automate the daily manual processes that institutions undertake to resolve usually mission-critical situations.

With Hound you can implement specific already-created modules like on-boarding management, fraud resolution, revenue management and collections, as well as different types of  compliance processes follow up (RegTech),   or you can create a new one.


Business people can easily deploy end-to-end processes across technical and organizational boundaries — interacting with partners, customers, data silos in point solutions, and core providers.

Old systems interacting with users and customer through Hound to boost efficiency

Journey Oriented:

Hound doesn’t replace any system in an organizationit augments their functionalities without the need to replace them.

Hound works across an organization,  it adds a layer of functionality between the existing systems and incorporates users and customers around a work-flow approach to convey an optimal way to manage business journeys.

Hound connects to other APIs, but also provides an API for others to connect to,  can even read flat files or access legacy protocols.

This way,  through a workflow that has legacy systems users, cloud systems and customer Hound will integrate them all into a journey of execution.    

The result of one system can be ingested by Hound who executes a process and asks a person for an approval, then generates a report and sends it to a customer.

Some modules built with Hound


Hound Automated Onboarding

Helps any customer, service or employee onboarding process that requires multiple interactions between systems and people

SDLC Compliance

Hound Compliance 360

Helps an institution automate the compliance of a regulation.

Interacts between systems and users to make sure the process of compliance is executed accurately and on time.

Revenue Management

Hound Revenue 360

Allows an institution to interact with customers and representatives along with systems to make sure revenue workflow process gets executes timely


Hound Intelligent Fraud Resolution

is an adaptive module/system that works with your core provider or fraud detection solution to verify potential fraud with customers in real-time to prevent losses.

Hound's Intelligent Interaction

Listen-Decide-Respond-Learn Process

Hounds systems can monitor situations and according to rule-based decisions as well as AI learning can execute smart processes.

Hound can intelligently listen to virtually any person or software via any channel or API,  decides the next best steps, respond back to people and systems along a workflow process.

Hound can gather information along the process and feed it to a repository of Big Data to then use it for machine learning and AI in order to optimize future execution, reduce process time and cut costs.

Robust and flexible back-end

Hounds foundation is a highly configurable yet very robust back-end automation system.   All modules for end user solutions are built on top of it,  this allows a great deal of flexibility.

Easily configurable code-less drag and drop interface allows to change configurations “on-the-fly”

Event Driven allows Hound to connect to external systems and monitor situations to act accordingly

A full API allows hound to be embedded into other platforms seamlessly

Hound’s Implementation Process


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