Automated Management of Critical Situations

Realtime and accurate on a massive scale with high visibility and control to reduce process time, operational risk and cut costs


Our A.I. enforced automation engine collects and processes information from multiple data sources to predict situations and act according to your needs.

Our solution is based on Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Hound delivers a path to consistent execution of your processes.

About Hound

Smart System for Smart Companies

Codeless Platform

Hound is quick to implement and configure. No developers are needed.

Highly Compatible

Hound can be easily integrated with popular applications that are widely used, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, Jira;Twitter, Salesforce, Zendesk

Reduce Costs

Our IPA system reduces time, operational risks and costs at scale.

Highly Configurable

Hound provides completely customizable workflows for your user's needs.

Real Time

Hound can interact in real-time with people and systems.


Hound was designed to scale. Corporations and institutions can leverage Hound for their most critical operations.
from regulations management to pandemic.

Smart Flow example

Other Usages

Regulatory Compliance

Hound can manage compliance workflows in real time and provides visibility into operational risk. Hound can take action across numerous execution paths to handle high risk events from being missed.

Loan Onboarding / Origination

Fraud Resolution

85% of suspected fraud events are false positives. Hound provides automated processes to validate events and only pass the ones you care about your staff to handle.

Save p to 80% from your operational costs by letting your workflows i Hound handle false positives.

Critical situations

Automated Resolution

Critical events need to be solved as quickly and as error free as possible.

This is usually done manually but with Hound you can automate more of workflows freeing up your staff to handle more important tasks.

Public Health example

NEW !! Cobol / Main Frame integration

MainFrameFlow: Cobol integration into modern environments

MainFrameFlow allows Hound to integrate with Main Frame systems by interacting with Cobol but not requiring any coding.

MainFrameFlow acts as a translation layer of connectivity with modern environments like Restful API, AWS, chatbots, Web, etc.

All functionalities of Hound can be deployed,  so a fully fletched system can operate on top of the Cobol based main frame system offering workflow execution and  two-way real-time events integration with other systems and users.

Perfect to user your current working systems in today’s environment

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