Automated resolution of critical situations in real-time

Automate responses to high impact situations through intelligent workflows and AI

What is Hound

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Hound automates the daily manual processes that financial institutions undertake to resolve mission-critical situations like fraud, collections, and compliance. Business people can easily deploy end-to-end processes across technical and organizational boundaries — interacting with partners, customers, data silos in point solutions, and core providers.


Compliance 360™ automates financial institution processes to collect the necessary information and approvals to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations.


Collections 360™ intelligently interacts with the customer using the most effective channel, making it easy for the customer to pay.


Intelligent Fraud Resolution is an adaptive system that works with your core provider or fraud detection solution to verify potential fraud with customers in real-time to prevent fraud loss

Hound’s Intelligent Interaction  Listen, Decide, Respond Process

Our cloud-based process automation solution intelligently listens to virtually any person or software, decides the next best steps, responds back to people and systems, and gathers information to optimize employee efficiency, reduce process time, and cut costs. 

Hound’s Implementation Process


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